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  • Authentic Jewelry

    Solid 14Karat Gold!

    To ensure a formal, educational, and informative tone, begin by using 14Karat/585 K-Yellow gold as the primary color option. Additionally, strategize for the future by introducing K-White and K-Rose red options, varying in weight and size. It may also be worth investigating alternative materials like Lab-Grown Diamonds.



    Designing the logo for 2 months!

    The logo serves as the paramount and enduring symbol for every company. It encompasses the entirety of the brand and its offerings. Reflecting our identity as a Singaporean brand, we incorporate a star and a moon to represent the flag of Singapore in our logo. Moreover, the letter A within the logo holds a special significance as it pays tribute to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the inaugural Prime Minister of Singapore.

  • Introduction of MONOGRAM

    Introduction of MONOGRAM

    A tribute to tigeress Machli (1997 - 2016)

    Machli, the renowned tigress also referred to as the Queen of Ranthambore attracted millions of tourists every year and played a significant role in the conservation of wildlife in the region. She made a profound impact on the Ranthambore National Park and its surrounding areas, becoming a symbol of the delicate balance between humans and wildlife. Machli's fame as the iconic tigress transformed the region into a prominent tourist attraction, drawing wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers from across the globe. Her enduring influence continues to inspire ongoing efforts to safeguard natural habitats and protect diverse species.

    Machli's outstanding achievements have solidified her status as an iconic representation of resilience, adaptability, and the intrinsic link between wildlife and their environment.

    Her story strikes a chord with both conservationists and researchers, as well as nature enthusiasts, underscoring the vital role of protecting natural ecosystems for the sake of future generations. Read more!

    The G, E, K & Paw!

    Incorporating elements from Tigers' appearances, the letters G, E, and K in GEON ALPS Co-founder's name (Gerald Eon Koh) were designed to represent specific features. The G represents the jaw, the E represents the eye, and the K represents the tail, ear, and nose. Additionally, the monogram includes a paw to further reinforce this connection.




Mission - To enhance the sense of luxury associated with GEON ALPS!

Vision - In order to cater to the diverse demands of individuals worldwide and remain at the forefront of fashion trends, focus on crafting remarkable and exclusive luxury products.

I sincerely thank & appreciate everyone's support.

Any interested investors out there, contact us at: Investors@geonalps.com

Kind regards & sincerely,

Gerald Eon Koh